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Kilimanjaro Safari Experience:

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Kilimanjaro Safari Experience a tour company located in the heart of Kilimanjaro. Owned by an indigenous Tanzanian, its team of expert staff maintains its professionalism with over 10 years of experience in the Tanzanian tourism industry. Currently the company is germinating from a little seedling to a small plant. We are proud to report that throughout Tanzania, a variety of communities have been benefiting from the services provided by our company. These achievements encourage the growth of the companies outreach to both international and local communities on different perspectives.The beginning of the year 2014 has been an extraordinary year full of challenges and triumphs however; we have managed to prosper successfully at a steady rate. The success of our work is best portrayed by our quality, and first class services that we provide our clients with.

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DIRECTOR OF KILIMANJARO SAFARI EXPERIENCE Shungu J Shitindi is the company’s Managing Director and head guide. Shungu’s strengths lie in his organizational skills, experience as a tour guide both in the mountain & safari scene and his community involvement.
He has for years worked with other safari and trekking companies and has a thorough knowledge of a Tanzanian tour companies operations. He also maintains a strong presence in all company operations (from the office to field), ensuring unsurpassed quality and service is provided in order to secure complete customer satisfaction. Thus all clients are assured that under his care a satisfaction of East African experience of lifetime.

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